How to remove LAN after replaced Mobo board

Last 2 weeks ago my Mobo has bad I/O SATA and I had to replace new Mobo and I need to find out how to remove old “Wired2” that was old Mobo and I can’t remove it… “Wired Connection 1” is new Mobo and been configured properly and working… But my case HOW remove “Wired2” off the list?

Now my New Mobo now X79 Motherboard with LGA 2011 (20 cores) with 32gb ECC This baby slap fast than my old Mobo board…

Anthony G.

@atg2004, I assume there is either no trash can or selecting it doesn’t work, correct?


And in the section below of Network Devices, you don’t have any devices that would represent a second Wired2 connection (comparing to the details of your Wired2 connection by clicking on the connection name hyperlink, which will then expand to show more details)?

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I did that and it won’t remove it, getting error message…


Can you post what the error message is that you’re receiving? That way we can pinpoint better where this error occurs, and possibly address a deletion scenario for where the network interface is not present anymore.

Also, I assume, the interface the named network connection is tied to, does not show up in your Network Devices list below?

I can see now that you opened a separate issue for that error message. So, for reference, putting that here: