Mellanox MLNX_OFED <for> Rockstor 3 Driver && RAM-disk PAID

Hi this is a feature request to the Rockstor team.
Specially for the developers. I wonder if anyone of you compiling drivers to support InfiniBand and RDAM or just the ability to install the Mellanox Connext-X Drivers.

I could pay up to $399 per incident support. If you can help me with:

  1. Compile drivers and on my rigs. And maybe have this feature available as an add-on.
  2. Compile or prepare a panel to use RAM disk as a Pools Storage.

I’m offering here as a post but I may need permission from the administrators.
Please let me know if this may be the right way to request for support on this 2 features?

@roberto0610 Hello again. Re:


I’m the current forum moderator, and one of the Rockstor maintainers, and I personally see the forum as just the place for those wanting to help one another. And of course mutual benefit is the best outcome in that scenario.

We don’t currently have a bounty system, which the feature requests elements of your post represents, and I’m not convinced it’s a good model either. But sponsoring folk to get stuff done that you would like to see in Rockstor definitely has a win win feel to it. But such features are not guaranteed to be included if they aren’t first agreed upon by the then current core developers. Hence opening focused forum threads where such features are first discussed and whittling down to what looks like sense to the majority of contributors is a very good start.

So in light of the above, do you fancy opening 2 focused forum threads (they could link back to this one for context if you think that will help) for what I see as 2 feature requests here.

  1. Add your specific driver: assuming it’s not already in our pending openSUSE kernels.
  2. “… a panel to use RAM disk as a Pools Storage” quoting from you.

1). Is actually a lot more nuanced and that can be fleshed out in that thread if this gets that far. But this may also be strongly dependant on our disto base.

2). Is a very interesting idea that has not yet come up. I would personally like to see this discussion opened myself and am quite interested in seeing how it progresses. Nice one. I think you may well get forum interaction on this one: it’s non trivial but completely doable on initial thoughts anyway.

Note however that most feature additions, bar trivial ones or new Rock-ons, can often involve quite a lot of specialised knowledge and so the main difficulty is in exactly defining the nature of the feature. What it will look like to the user, how it fits into the existing Web-UI, and of course exactly how it fits in with existing Rockstor systems. And again if it is a quick and dirty addition it is unlikely to be merged as part of Rockstor in the first place (the potential downside of drive by bounty additions): we have quite enough puppies to look after already.

If anyone is interested in helping @roberto0610 in getting their particular driver compiled for remuneration (directly from @roberto0610 in this case) then please use the PM system to help preserve any potentially sensitive information. Although a working solution would be appreciated in a public post of course. I’m hoping in time to setup such a system within this forum anyway but all in good time; and we first need to have a separate discussion on how we best implement this anyway. I have heard of a working example of this very thing in another discourse based community which I’ll bring to the discussion once we are at that stage.

Hope that helps and I look forward to the RAM disk pool discussion, tricky for sure but not impossible (hopefully).

And I believe the official Rockstor shop “Incident-Based support” package is another possibility for paid help: although this is a Rockstor area I’m not currently involved in (I’m quite busy in a number of other areas though :slight_smile:).

I personally think that the price of SSD’s is much more attractive than the price of ECC memory and properly setup can run very very fast. Also, with M.2 on PCIe bus, speeds get even faster.

Still, the thought of a RamDisk on a motherboard that can quickly access say 24-48 TB of ECC ram is mouth watering (if such a thing was available to mortal folks). 2TB ECC memory Mobo’s for mortals are out there and priced with lots of zeros. If a 1.8 TB ramdisk could help, go for it.

Thing is, you need to reload on cold boot anyway, so M.2 or SSD strategy seems more realistic to me.