RAMdisk as a Pools Storage on RockStor box

RAM-Disk as high performance, close zero latency video editing cache storage. Isn’t an amazing idea. Due to its performance oriented nature, its mostly used for temporary data and I will like to give it a try as part of the Rocktor Disk/Pool solution.

I am wondering if RS box can handle ram disk as pools. If so. Them it may also be able to parallel stack.
Can you imaging 1-8 inexpensive now server blade with 512GB of ram each. Set them as server Cache Munster? -I may be flying to high.

I only have 1x old Dell Server R910. I wish I could use its RAM as cache/scratch/temp Video Editing Work Flow. My network is InfiniBand at 40GB already working.

I’m willing to use tmpfs. But at the moment I know very little.
I’m going to start with this information and to check if RS box can even see the tmpfs as tradition disk.
What is RAM disk? && How to create RAM disk?

Anybody, somebody willing to come on board?

I have created the RAM disk with this 2 commands
# mkdir /mnt/ram_disk
# mount -t tmpfs -o size=980g new_ram_risk /mnt/ram_disk
# df -h

-Next is to try Rockstor to be able to see it so that I can add it as pool and shares.

I have found this article. Can we implement some of it?

Because Linux uses available RAM as a cache already in Rockstor, there would be no benefit as opposed to a multi SSD Raid-0, 10 or multi m.2 setup.


(Gosh, this is old! Didn’t realize)

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