Rockon error Unknown internal error doing a GET

Just updated to 3.8.16-4 and when I restarted RockOns came up OFF, clicked the GUI to start and received the error "Unknown internal error doing a GET to /api/rockons?page=1&format=json&page_size=5000&count= ". My one installed rockon seems to be working fine, but I’m following the instructions on the “Houston we have a problem” page to report this.

screen capture

Traceback copy
The Icon that was supposed to copy traceback to clipboard failed to work. If you would like me to take some CLI actions an update this post please let me know.

Hi @D_Jones,
noticed you’ve already had 3.8.16-4 update

Being this data_collector related too (data_collector = Rockstor subsystem updating dashboard datas, check system updates, time, share and pools cleaning, etc) probably a system reboot is required to grant all working fine


I just wanted to make sure if any data was needed before I rebooted I gave someone the chance to ask for it.

Hi Mirko @Flyer

same error appears on my side running on 3.9.0-3, after re-boot no change, especially when you turn off and on Rock-ons the message appears again…

Any idea?

PS: I also had to re-install Plex as the Server was not found anymore which was strange…now the WebUI from Plex tells me I’m running on Version and there is new one available…the automatic update (turn off/on rockons and/or pressing the update button does not help to get Plex updated?

@glenngould I may be able to chip in quickly on this one.

I have seen this and the solution was to uninstall the Rock-on and then go in and remove the Plex image (not just the container. It seems our system doesn’t fetch a new image if an old one exists (bug I suspect but haven’t looked into it enough to be sure). Please see the following forum thread for the difference between listing and removing a docker container / instance and image / class (ie the difference between ‘docker ps -a / docker rm’ and ‘docker images / docker rmi’):

In the example of an old Plex image holding up a fresh install using the newest available version, I just turned of and uninstalled the problem update Plex Rock-on and then removed both the container and the image it was produced from. Then upon re-install the newest was installed as expect.

Hope that helps.

The update button in Rock-ons only bring in newer definitions on Rockstor’s docker wrapper definitions. In the case of the Plex rock-on the definition hasn’t changed it is how that particular image handles past versions of itself it seems.

Hi, I’ve uninstalled Plex and used “docker rmi linuxserver/plex” in order to remove the full plex docker image and re-installed Plex. Now the Server is not available via the browser

Any explanation for that?

@glenngould The newer versions of Plex server can be a little more picky re hostname access. Please see our currently open issue on addressing this which in turn links to the Plex documentation stating the same thing:

In short, if you are setting up a new server from scratch you may initially need to substitute you machines IP rather than the Rockstor machine’s hostname used by the “Plex UI” button from within the Rock-ons page, as detailed in the above rockstor-doc issue.

Hope that helps.

By the way what is the English translation for the picture in your last message? That might help some more.

@phillxnet THX!
The translation from the screen shot above “Plex is not reachable. Please ensure that the Server is connected to the internet and your access is not blocked by any Firewall or other similar software”

I’ve just realized that this message shows up only if I use the local home network via WLAN (same as Rockstor), but if I use my mobile phone as a hotspot I get at least more content/feedback from the server…signed in with my Plex account, but it keeps on looking up for the server…and forces me to download the server software (see screenshot, sorry being again in German)

There was no change to the Firewall since the re-installation

To your described and created issue on github - I’m already using since ever and it worked.

It seems my system is creating more and more issues see the other issue posted there