Rockstor 4 Installer Recipe - call for beta testers

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I’ve taken the plunge, with new 2242 nvme SSD which arrived today, which I can screw down properly to the MB, and installed 4.0.7 (from my kiwi built ISO CD) having first disconnected my data drives.

Install seems really smooth, although looks like memtest86+ is not added to the ISO build by kiwi

I then re-connected the data drives and imported the disks/pools/shares, and then restored config from the back-up I’d made before I started. I started the restore around 40 minutes ago, and so far only Plex seems to be re-installed (I had NextCloud, JellyFin, Subsonic and Syncthing installed as well.)

Would you expect it to have done by now?
I was only evaluating JellyFin and Subsonic, but I do need Nextcloud and Syncthing back.

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I started a new topic for this, Hope that’s ok

Hi @HarryHUK,

I’ll try to be helpful in your other thread that you created more recently, but I wanted to address the point below in case it helps future readers who may have the same question:

It all depends on the number of Rock-ons to restore, but yes, I would expect it to not take 40 mins in most cases, at least. This is simply due to the fact that the procedure to restore Rock-ons goes through the re-installation of all Rock-ons that were installed at the time the config was backed-up. Thus, the procedure should take about the same time as if you were re-installing your Rock-ons yourself one by one. This means that if it normally takes x mins to install Rock-ons A and B on your system (minus all user interactions through the installation wizard, of course), it should also take x mins to restore a config backup were Rock-ons A and B were installed. Note that it needs to pull (most likely) the underlying Docker images again, extract them, etc… so that’s why it can take quite some time for those using quite a few Rock-ons and/or Rock-ons with large underlying images.


@HarryHUK Hello again.
I can chip in on this one:

See the upstream issue in kiwi-ng’s GitHub repo on this:

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I found my Rockstor 3.9.1 CD and ran memtest till around 42% (30 minutes?)
No errors till that point.
I might run it again and leave it longer but I think the memory is fine.

I appreciate it takes time, but the nature of the failure meant there was no indication on the UI it had failed. I had forgotten there was normally good progress indication.

Once I had rolled back docker and tried again, I could see nice feedback on progress.


@HarryHUK Hello again.

Yes, you really need 2 run of 100% to be fairly sure. Often a ram failure will only be ‘spotted’ by a single test. And the 100% means all tests have been run on all the memory. Otherwise you’ve likely only run less than half the tests on all the memory.

It does take ages, but can be reassuring. Note however that it will run for ever so theirs that.

Glad you’ve gotten the docker rollback sorted. Bit of a pain that and we are planning to ‘sort’ this soon hopefully. One way or another.

Hope that helps.