Rockstor 4 Installer Recipe - call for beta testers

One other thing, again, not fatal, but curious. The initial boot completes, the IP addresses are put out, and the login prompt shows up (like in the “olden” days). However, 10 seconds later, additional processes are spawned and the login prompt/IP info disappears off the screen:

And maybe that’s just a VirtualBox “idiosyncrasy”, once the last processes seem to have launched (in my case qgroup scan completed) the only way to get back to the login prompt is to hit Enter.

and then of course, one has to log in and run the myip command to get the IP info…

Doesn’t prevent me from logging into Rockstor via the WebUI and performa

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@Hooverdan Thanks for the report:

Yes, this is normal behaviour but does vary somewhat with machine speeds. It’s systemd doing a parallel start up and it get the login going sooner than the rest. A bit inconvenient, and it’s why on initial boot I added the prompt about pressing the enter key to get a new login prompt. And on login the messages is displayed again so a little bit of a juggling act really.

I know, again a juggle really. The early login prompt activation is too blame but I’d rather not mess with the default systemd arrangement of starting the shell early. The myip script I added is at least another capability here.

There may be scope for us re-configuring our own systemd service dependencies but they currently stand as our minimum requirement so I’d rather stick with that really.

Thanks again for the feedback.


Thanks @phillxnet for reviewing the observations … since the intent for the appliance really is to be managed and viewed through the WebUI in normal operations …