Rockstor-stable repo: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized

I’m getting the subject error when trying to update via yum. [Errno 14] HTTP Error 401 - Unauthorized
Trying other mirror.

There is an update available at the other mirror but I don’t see any info as to why the primary is failing.

@mmmdonuts Welcome to the Rockstor community and thanks for the report.

Yes, it looks like we had a hosting issue for a few hours yesterday that took down the forum and the update service.

Give it another go and report back here if your problem persists.

Hope that helps and thanks for helping to support Rockstor’s development via a stable subscription.

I’m still having a problem. Is it possible that my appliance ID and activation code are not being accepted by the authentication process?

@mmmdonuts Appologies for the slow response and inconvenience

It does look that way now.

Is this the first stable install on this machine?

If it’s a re-install and the motherboard has a known ‘fake’ / non unique product_uuid, ie one of fake_puuids in the following:

Then on every re-install, your appliance id will change.

Don’t paste your appliance id in here in the forum (or your activation code) but do check to see if you have one of these fake product_uuids via:

cat /sys/class/dmi/id/product_uuid

if it’s not one of the following:


Then you should have a stable appliance id from one install to the next.

The appliance id (derived from product_uuid or hostid if product_uuid non unique) is akin to a user name while the activation code is like a password so they are a set. Hence my question on if this is a re-install.

If you product_uuid and consequent appliance id has changed then you can get your subscription ‘moved over’ via an email request to containing your old and new appliance id. I’m afraid I can’t tend to this myself however.

Much apologies for the inconvenience caused but we depend on subscriptions to aid in maintaining Rockstor’s sustainable stance (at least currently) and it’s usually a fairly smooth process, bar the known hick-up with re-installs on fake product_uuid motherboards.

If you have suspicions about the uniqueness of your product_uuid, and it’s not one of those listed, then you can always private message me here on the forum.

Hope that helps and let us know how you get on.

Only one install on this box done over a year ago. The key was purchased on 6/2017 (3-yr key) and it’s been receiving stable channel updates since. This past week is the first time I’ve seen a failure when connecting to the repository and the update checker for the OS runs daily.

I will check on the info you posted above once I get home. But unless this is a recent development (as in problem) I suspect that something else is going on with my subscription.

I’ll let you know what I find.

I have the same issue, the repo for Stable isn’t working correctly.

Ok this is on me, I didn’t use the feature toggle on the UI, once I remove the repo file and did that, it seems to be working now.

It may very well be product_uuid related though I have not reinstalled the software so it shouldn’t have changed. If my appliance ID = product_uuid, which is not unique, could someone else with the same fake_uuid receive their own subscription activation code that would in turn invalidate mine?

PM sent.

@mmmdonuts Thanks for persevering with this one.


Agreed also.

The code purposefully intends not to use the ‘fake’ non unique product_uuids due to their nature and generates instead a one time unique ‘install specific’ product id but this is of course far less convenient for re-installs due to the major inconvenience of having to request an activation code transfer. But of course we may not have an exhaustive list. And on that note I’ll reply in kind to your:

Thanks again for reporting and helping to work through this one. I suspect we are nearly at it’s cause.