Samba service doesn't start automatically after reboot

I have a strange issue with the Samba service. I created a share, configured Samba to “WORKGROUP”, started the service and exported a samba share. This works until I reboot my system. Service is OFF again. When i log into the command line and execute “journalctl -xe” it states, that some required services for samba could not be started. This happens with 3.8-9 and 3.8-9.02 and is reproducable. Tried 3 clean installations today with different ways of configuring samba and the shares etc but this doesn’t fix the issue. :frowning:

Thanks for the detailed report @Yoshi. I think @roweryan also reported this behavior in an earlier post. It could be due to new systemd mechanisms. I’ll try and reproduce it. Here’s the issue so we don’t lose track of it.

@suman Yes I reported a similar issue: Why are sftp and Active Directory enabled now?

I thought about the missing dependency again. Maybe some services get started parallel and smb starts to fast, before the dependency has finished? I’m not a developer, so it’s just a guess. But I can provide more log files if needed.

@Yoshi, the required service it complains about is, I believe, rockstor-bootstrap. If you are on the Testing channel, could you update to the latest(3.8-9.07) and see if the issue persists?

The expected behavior is for smb to start after rockstor-bootstrap service starts successfully. So, there may be a delay before systemctl status smb goes from enabled/non-active to active. If it fails, please paste the output of systemctl status smb -l and systemctl status rockstor-bootstrap -l

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It seems to work now. Samba service says “ON” after reboot, all my shares are working as expected :slight_smile: THANK YOU

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