Stable Updates & Pricing Stuff

OK. So I think I’m slowly getting this working OK (Thanks to the help of phillxnet) so I can sort things out.

I did send off an email about this matter, but it seems as if I would be better putting it in here.

I have a number of questions regarding the “stable updates” subscription.

I’ll say right up front that I am unemployed so I don’t have a lot of money, and I am not in the US, so I need to also deal with US$ conversion.

However, I do want to support Rockstor, as so far it seems to be the best of the NAS software that is out there. So the following questions need to be answered:

If I have 2 RockStor NAS’s in my network, do I need 2 subscriptions? I’m thinking of setting one up with media (big disks) and another to run things like Plex Media Server, NextColoud, etc (small disks).

Is there a discounted subscription for students/unemployed people?

Is there some way to help the community to get a discounted subscription?

Even though it’s only US$20, by the time I convert it to Australian dollars, it’s nearly $30, and when you’ve only got $100 per week, that’s a lot of money. And if I need to buy 2 subscriptions, then I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

I want to help and support Rockstor as I’m pretty sure it’s gonna fulfill all my needs. Not too sure about the change to OpenSUSE, but I don’t think that should be a problem because that is behind the scenes, it isn’t the interface that people see!

Well, that’s enough questions for now. I’m sure I’ll get a response with 24 hours so I shall await your replies!

@cjc1959au Hello again. I can chip in with this one:

We have the following from the docs subsection Update Channels:

“Please note that any code or documentation contributions to the Rockstor project repositories makes the contributor eligible for up to 10 subscriptions for personal use.”

And pertaining to contributions we have Community Contributions which has sections for doc contributions and developer contributions.

Hopefully it will work out for you, and if not then you may well find you can help improve it so that it can. Any assistance is welcome. You could take a look at the outstanding GitHub issues in docs and core or have a play around and see if you can find something that has yet to receive an issue, ie bug or typo or the like.

Oh and welcome from across the other side of the globe (UK), I suspected we were in quite different time zones :slight_smile:

You may be able to get some more pointers on doc contributions from forum member @D_Jones who has recently fathomed how to go about it and in the process now closed a number of outstanding doc issues, include one to improve how to get setup to contribute to the docs:

Sorry to be a bit brief but have to dash currently so thought I’d post a bit for now at least.

Hope that helps.

@cjc1959au happy to share my experience with you. I managed to get set up on a windows box to make my contributions. I’m using Vim as my editor. The github gui for windows I find confusing so I’m working CLI for that. I’m also running Sphinx from the CLI. Actually I’ve had good luck using the github web site for my contributions. I open my branch, on the website, find the file and make my edits in my local files, build and test in Sphinx, and then use the edit feature on the web site to do a select all, delete, then paste in my version and save. Then open the pull request. So far so good, but don’t tell @phillxnet that’s how I do it :wink: it’s a little out of the norm. Seriously I need to get more comfortable on the git CLI but for the changes I’ve made so far, it works and my local code still matches the online repository. Feel free to hit me up with question, I found all the instructions on line to be very straight forward. I have no other Python work to worry about so I installed Python 3. If you have Python 2 take note of the differences in the contributions page regarding the needed extensions to run a make html successfully. Welcome to the community.

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So if I want to run 2 stable version of rockstor, do I need to pay for 2 yearly subscriptions? Using 2 different email?

@burnbum55 see my response in the other thread where you posed the same question

Since you manage appliances via the

you can manage multiple appliances/subscriptions using the same email and also reassign them to a new set of new hardware (if e.g. you’re upgrading to a new system, or have to replace the motherboard, etc.).

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