Stable Updates Subscriptions Sold Out

I have some questions regarding Stable Updates subscription:

@Lukas A belated welcome to the Rockstor community. And thanks for at least trying to support Rockstor development via a stable subscription :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve contacted project lead @suman on this matter so hopefully we should know more shortly.

Hope that helps.

Same. Still shows as sold out. Will gladly buy the annual subscription once it is available. Thanks in advance.

@legion Welcome to the Rockstor community and thanks for the sentiment re supporting Rockstor development.

I am however still awaiting a status update. I’m assuming this is a ‘safety limit’ put on that item in the Rockstor shop to catch run-away issues that has inadvertently been reached. The hope is that this will be sorted soon. Please be patient as everything takes time and attention and this is something I don’t have admin rights on myself so we can only await @suman’s next maintenance window.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, and not an issue Phil. I understand all too well. I used to be with Dell, VMware, etc. We’ll circle back around later to make it happen captain. Thanks again, and have a great one.

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Stable update still shows “sold out”. I’m more than happy to pay $20 for what I think is the best NAS distro for me. I can also help with documentation(mostly translation - Chinese native speaker) in exchange for a subscription if that’s what the dev team prefers.

@hxdai Hello again.

Yes, no news as of yet on this one. And thanks for chipping in on this thread. As for your translation offer that is very generous. We don’t as yet have any system in place to present, handle translations unfortunately. But we do have the following forum thread where some discussion was had with regard to the Web-UI:

which in turn links to our GitHub issue for this:

which does show some progress toward this by @Flyer a little while back. Doesn’t directly relate to docs however.

On that point we do have the following in our now slightly outdated Update Channels doc section:

“Please note that any code or documentation contributions to the Rockstor project repositories makes the contributor eligible for up to 10 subscriptions for personal use.”

This would be arranged through project lead @suman and we have had a number of contributors, me included (a while back now), taking advantage of this arrangement.

Thanks again for your offer to help re translations and do please consider adding your interest / capability to the indicated forum thread as it can then serve as a central point of reference for such offers. We have also had @jimhu offer their services re Chinese in that same thread and @chliyun recently requested a Web-UI Chinese translation in the following thread:

Apologies for the projects current short comings in these regards but we are still only a very small team, and I at least only have experience implementing a translation system within Android programming.

Hope that helps and I or @suman will hopefully update this thread shortly with a progress report. Unless someone else beats us to it of course.

Still no news right? I cannot update testing from 3.9.1-16 to a newer version (don’t understand git to do it manually) flto fix replication issues.
I’ll gladly pay to update if possible.


Waiting for the news

Hello all - Patiently waiting for news too… But its been a month now. No news at all.
Have problems now with new machines built & motherboard upgrades with no way to get them updated (want to purchase subscriptions but can’t) so I can replicate between them.
As a stop gap can anyone show how to update the core manually?
Kind of urgent now.
Many thanks

@PaulK A very belated welcome to the Rockstor community.

I can now say that the cogs are turning on this one. I have recently expanded my responsibilities within Rockstor and one of my new ‘tasks’ is to resolve this dilemma. Needless to say it is high on the list as it’s an ‘everybody looses’ scenario (the opposite of what we are obviously after) but there are a few technical and logistical considerations that have to be resolved carefully if we are not to end up here again or inadvertently take yet another step backwards.

Please be patient and I know this is a poor show but we are a small but dedicated team and for my part in that team I’m having to up my game in the background and I don’t want to do more harm than good so I have to tread carefully.

I have in mind your situation, and that of our existing stable subscribers with auto updates enabled, and am looking to ‘workarounds’ but if we can fix this at it’s source then that would obviously be preferred, depending on the time it takes, and I am as yet not ‘up to speed’ but working to get there.

I know this is not a concrete reply but as yet I’m still gathering info on all the factors that lead to this current predicament. Which from my admittedly partial understanding, is down to limiting inconvenience to the minimum number of subscribers: i.e. those requiring a new subscription (where Rockstor loose out on income) and those re-installing on new hardware. Not good but with care can be resolved properly.

I will update this thread with significant developments as and when they materialise behind the scenes.

Hope that helps.

@Lukas, @legion, @hxdai, @sebasb, @Mouseguy8, @PaulK, @kmeisthax

The Stable Updates Subscription ‘shop’ has now been re-stocked.

Thanks to @suman for his technical wizardry and time, and to all affected for their patience.

Apologies for all inconvenience caused by this production failure.

Plans are in motion to alleviate the degree of inconvenience caused by a shop / stable updates release outage in the future as it is fully appreciated that this is a potentially worrying ‘single point of failure’. More on this as the project continues to develops.

Thanks for helping to support Rockstor’s development by subscribing to Stable Updates.

Thanks, purchased now perfectly for my 2 vms!

@sebasb Thanks and much appreciated. Chuffed your sorted again.

@sebasb Just noticed you mentioned using 3.9.1-16 in the interim. Make sure to do a

yum update rockstor

as root after moving from testing to stable (if that is what your did) as testing still had the bug where moving to stable there after didn’t ‘take’ but only ‘showed’. The command makes it so and all should be well Web-UI wise there after on the updates.

Thanks!, I’ve done that since I spend a lot of time reading the forums!! :slight_smile:
I now deleted all replication tasks and shares and now it is in status pending, waiting for it to complete to ensure data sync between VMs. (Is at my home, but there are photos that I’d like not to loose)

@sebasb Yes the replication feature was a big fix in this stable channel run, and a sad breakage in our last testing run.

Remember we still have a fragility in the replication system re existing snapshots from prior failed replication tasks. It will indicate this as a failure if you are affected. Just delete the ‘blocking’ snapshot if you are affected by this and kick off another. Need to get to this one really. From memory the ‘blocking snapshot’, if it exists, is on the sending machine.

Hope your twin machines settle in again.

Completely deserved. Thank you and the community for all of your ongoing efforts.