Dev log for 3.9.0

I don’t plan on a kernel or btrfs-progs update for 3.9.0, but likely for 3.9.1. The base CentOS is latest as of 3.8.16, though we have a bit of packaging cleanup to do. But that effects only dev environments.

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Happy weekend everyone! 3.8.16-5 is now available with the following UI and build improvements. This update is brought to you by @ganti_priya, @Flyer and myself. Thank you!

We just released 3.8.16-6! @Flyer contributed a UI bugfix and @phillxnet contributed a fix to test code. Both important changes, thank you guys!

Hello Everyone and happy MLK Jr day!

We just released 3.8.16-7, which took longer than I hoped for. It comes with a bugfix from @phillxnet and code style cleanup from me. The code cleanup is huge, touching almost every python file, and makes backend run a bit faster, but functionally everything is the same.

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3.8.16-8 is now released. Please update right away as I’ve fixed a regression I’ve introduced in the previous update that killed the UI(if rebooted or rockstor-pre service restarted). It’s a simple nginx configuration error, but it looks like a major problem.

My thanks and apologies to @phillxnet and @Flyer who came to the rescue of users swiftly. You are the heroes of our community!

For those of you running 3.8.16-7 and no UI, you’ll have to update via the terminal. Please follow these steps

  1. yum update
  2. reboot or systemctl restart rockstor-pre rockstor rockstor-bootstrap


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I’ve tried 3.8.16-8 moving from stable a while ago and was wondering when the next 3.8.16-9 or 3.9 will arrive? :grinning:

On the other hand I was wondering how I get back from tester image to stable release? Just switching the auto updater channel had no impact in downgrading me to 3.8-16 stable…

Thanks for commenting

We are bit backed up on testing releases and there’s a build related bug that’s preventing me to push updates at this time. Hope to get that going very soon.

After switching from testing to stable channel, you’d need to use yum to downgrade. Something like yum downgrade rockstor should work, though I have not tested that. So make sure to read what it says before accepting to continue the downgrade.

thank you @suman

One question before trying any manual downgrade…
As soon as the next stable release 3.9 is out - will Rockstor upgrade automatically from 3.8.16-8 (test release) by having enabled auto update (stable releases) or would there be any manual work needed from my side?


It will upgrade to the next stable update(3.9.0 in this case). No manual work needed.

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Hello Everyone,

Last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of problems, but we are finally back on track. 3.8.16-9 was released a few hours ago. We closed two issues in this update. One is a code style fix and the other adds support for 512e HDDs sector size display in the UI. Thank you @chrstphrchvz and @Flyer for your contributions!

Happy weekend everyone!

We just released 3.8.16-10. Two issues were closed. First is a fix to test code and the second is a significant design improvement to disk roles that will let us support cool new features in the future. This was contributed by @phillxnet and I encourage all code contributors to look at his pull request, we can all learn to be more thorough and document better from it. It was a pleasure to read and review these changes.

3.8.16-11 is now available! We fixed Share size reporting bug and made an improvement to the UI. @Flyer and @phillxnet have each contributed one pull request each. Thank you both!

Every time i update the rockons service will be turned off after update is complete.
I found that reboot is the best way to get everything up and running nicely. Is this what is expected if so should there not be a prompt showing that reboot is required once the update process is complete or is it a bug?

Hi @Fredrik,
there’s an open issue on Github about Rockstor updates and it’s on Pinnacles (Rockstor 3.9) road :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

Looks like some users ran into issues with 3.8.16-11. I have not been able to reproduce the problem on my side. Our systems here have updated without any db migration issue. But we are looking into possible bugs and while we do that, I don’t see a reason to stop further updates. So, 3.8.16-12 is now released!

Two issues are closed in this update, one is a bug fix in config restore and the other a UI fix also having to do with samba config management. Both are contributed by @Flyer. Thank you @Flyer!