Rock-on requests

So what’s the primary use cases for syncthing? Would it, for example, be well suited as a backup solution for a group of users in a office setting?

E.g. install the rock-on and setup, and then have users install on their local machines? Rsync-like functionality?

syncthing is for syncing folders across multiple machines like a replication, for me its better than rsync as rsync cant detect if a side deleted a folder if it is existent on only one side, with rsync you have to select a side which state gets copied over (like a master node), whereas in syncthing you can have the nodes themself decide as the program keeps track of deleting even if no connection between the nodes is established.

folder abc contains two files, 1.txt and 2.txt
the connection between the two (or more) nodes gets lost and one side deletes 1.txt, the other side deletes 2.txt
after the connection gets established and a sync happened both sides have an empty folder

with rsync you only have source and destination where either 1.txt or 2.txt gets restored from the other side

you might use it for backup purposes, but for that rsync might be easier. keep in mind that a replication is no backup :smiley:

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One thing people forget about syncthing, and for me that is the reason for btsync.
You can get btsync for any plattform which is also an apple iphone, this can be a really important decision maker.

In my case, I sync all photos taken on mobile devices to a raspberry. This means my whole family and around 15 devices. Everything needs support. So please, also if you like syncthing very much - I would love to see updated btsync docker images as well :wink: please


Surveillance station kind of rock-on

1\ Plex
2\ Sonarr
3\ Deluge (better than transmission because you get both a WebGUI AND GUI’s that can connect to a Daemon on all platforms)
5\ Smuxi - daemon server IRC client.

That’s pretty well much all I need. Of course there are niceities (Teamspeak3, Crashplan, Owncloud, etc). But that would get me over to Rockstor.

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  1. iSCSI
  2. Anti-Virus ( Clamav )
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Mautic (for marketing automation)

  1. Plex (just like nearly every one else)
  2. tt-rss - it’s a Google News replacement but completely local. I never did like Feedly…
  3. LazyLibrarian, calibre-ebook or similar eBook/Audiobook management
  4. Generic isolated LAMP stack with configuration through the UI - partially as a development platform but also for just whipping up smaller web projects as needed
  5. Rockstor specific directions to create #4 ourselves :smile:

I’d quit like to have a Zone Minder official Rock-on, would be an excellent fit for a NAS as requires major storage.
It’s a linux native actively developed open source on GitHub security and surveillance system that has this great feature where it continuously analyses the incoming images, say from an IP camera, and only saves them when there is movement. This movement can be within a user specified section of the image so one can rule out movement of trees in the wind for instance. One can also get a quick overview by simple mouse overs of what has happened movement wise over a specified time period. Fantastic project. I haven’t looked at it for a while but it was about to under go a major re-working last I looked. I also have a client that I setup years ago that I would like to revisit and deploy a Rockstor based ZoneMinder setup instead.

The only time I ever ran out of inodes in linux was on a system running this. It used to store a great deal of images and I bumped into an inode exhaustion, took me by surprise at the time having never run into it.

I’d be happy to have a go at maintaining this once the Rock-on re-working is done; especially if others are also interested. I could also document the setup of ZoneMinder in Rockstor if required.

A quick look just now and it seems there is an official docker hub image, though I don’t know what state it’s in.

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Transferring a Rock-on request received via @devonwarren on the rockstor-core issue tracker. This one happens to be another one I would be very interested in myself as it’s another fantastic and very open source friendly choice.


I host my own instance of this and want to move over to a docker variant of it so an official Rock-on would be dandy.

Also the pairing of gitlab with Rockstor is a natural fit.

As pointed out by @devonwarren their is an official docker spec on the docker hub. This has in the past fallen a little behind the deb and rpm packages they distribute, at least in their community edition (ce) variants, but appears to be up to date currently. This is an issue as data migration from one gitlab instance to another requires that both installs be of the exact same version. At least it did when I last transferred / upgraded my install.

Nice official GitLab docs on their Docker images

Also they now tag their docker images and the above penultimate link indicates that it is possible to update the image via re-creation but I haven’t tried any of this myself yet; however the tagging now allows for restore of existing gitlab version just in case.

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Just wanted to make sure this got added to the list after our conversation in another thread.

Symform, please!

  • SickRage
  • CouchPotato

I checked out the GIT repo, any docs on how I can contribute Docker containers or use my own Docker images?

What about a way to connect a LCD screen that works with something like LCD Smartie. 4x20 LCD screens can be had anywhere and would be super useful to have. Could have it display anything that the Dashboard page displays.

I’d love to have this setup!

I would like to add:

  • Something to take control of the network (DHCP/NTP/DNS)
  • Anti-Virus ( Clamav )
  • Virtualization
  • Automatic E-mail and SMS Alerts
  • Mobile Apps to manage, monitor and access your NAS
  • Clamav (or something similiar)
  • Zoneminder (or something similiar)

i would love nzbget and Sickrage as that would move me for definate from Unraid

As of yesterday I’d say:

  • Emby (Open Source alternative to Plex)
  • Seafile (Open Source; some prefer it to ownCloud)

Emby (former MediaBrowser) might already work. See:

Upload our json file to /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/ and hit update in the Web-UI and install our brand new Rock-On!

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@OpenSourceUser Welcome to the Rockstor community. Thanks for the info on Emby’s ‘official’ Rock-on. If you fancy trying it the following in a Rockstor console should do the trick to make it show up as an installable Rock-on.

mkdir /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore
cd /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/
curl -OL

Noting that the O in the above is a capital letter not a zero, then hit the update button in the Rock-on Web-UI and it should appear in the all tab list. I tried the install out earlier today and it seemed to go OK, although they have made a number of changes since then.