Rock-on requests

  • Clamav (or something similiar)
  • Zoneminder (or something similiar)

i would love nzbget and Sickrage as that would move me for definate from Unraid

As of yesterday I’d say:

  • Emby (Open Source alternative to Plex)
  • Seafile (Open Source; some prefer it to ownCloud)

Emby (former MediaBrowser) might already work. See:

Upload our json file to /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/ and hit update in the Web-UI and install our brand new Rock-On!

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@OpenSourceUser Welcome to the Rockstor community. Thanks for the info on Emby’s ‘official’ Rock-on. If you fancy trying it the following in a Rockstor console should do the trick to make it show up as an installable Rock-on.

mkdir /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore
cd /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/
curl -OL

Noting that the O in the above is a capital letter not a zero, then hit the update button in the Rock-on Web-UI and it should appear in the all tab list. I tried the install out earlier today and it seemed to go OK, although they have made a number of changes since then.

Just to update the Emby Rock-on status @suman has just added a copy of the official Emby rock-on to the official Rockstor rockon-registry. So now it should appear in everyone’s available rock-on listing, if it doesn’t appear then just try the Update button on that page.

Crashplan is here:

NZBGet Rock-on

I think that rockstor must have a tor proxy server rock-on. And you can use it on your home pc.

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hi ,
it would be nice to see zabbix 3.x as rockon

Couchpotato and Sonarr rock-ons are ready With pull request.

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Sabnzb plugin ready and working. @suman : Have added pullrequest, git-user tronder88

I will clean up script a little in the future and add a new pullrequest, but scripts do work as intended.

@phillxnet I noticed the interest in Gitlab in this conversation. I’ve got gogs running as a Rock-on using the official Docker image and separate shares for gogs configuration and the git repository. Gogs is good deal more lightweight than gitlab, yet feature-rich enough for most of us. I’m wondering if there would be any interest in it.

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@pdenhaan That’s great news. If you are game I’m pretty sure a pull request to the rockstor-registry would be more than welcome. Well done.

From my perspective I’m a little tied into gitlab at the moment but yes it is rather on the heavy as in massive side.

I would really love to see Filezilla.

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any luck getting sickrage as a rockon?

I’m new to Rockstor and just created my own Sickrage.json file using the Sickbeard.json as a template. Here’s the pull request for Sickrage; hopefully it’ll be included in the next update.


This is great @Eric_Stewart! I’ll take a look and intend to merge it. Thank you!

I don’t have any specific Rock-ons application request but I would like to see and understand better how updates will be made visible in case there is one available?
I’m new to Rockstor (user since 1month->maybe there was none till now) - when pressing the “update” button would there be any notification or will the update be applied straight away without asking?

Maybe ridiculous, but the Rock-ons UI interface could be improved by making the list shorter (reduced space per entry) as there is anyhow very little text and an additional column could be added which shows the program version. e.g. 3 columns = 1 description, 1 version, 1 install/de-install
-> maybe a “table view” like under Services?

I would like to have a Unifi Controller Rock on. I recently purchased a UniFi AC Lite access point, and to get the most out of it I need to run the controller software on a server.

Unifi Controller software website

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Can we get qbittorent, FileZilla, iTunes Server, Spotify, some open office server, a way to unzip and a File Manager?

Thank you.